Sunday, February 17, 2013

Magnetic Vortex How To Create Free Energy

Simple Diagram Of How Magnetic Vortexes Are Produced

Take a look at this diagram. It shows just how the magnetic property is used and how this technology is possible.

What Is It?

This idea is not very popular due to the nature of people's need for MORE money. You see, the problem here is that it will only take a few dollars to actually make a generator (compared to the average electric bill ). There is no market for something that will NEVER run out. So the people who would normally profit off the electricity bill we get every month would be in some trouble.
The second problem is the main one I am concerned with. The number of people who would lose their obs because of this revolutionary technology. However, many people across the nation have already lost their jobs to computer and technology take over of their jobs. The more the companies rely on computers and industrial robotics, the less demand there is going to be for workers. If you give this trend some time you will have an energy market 98% ran by computers and 2 % ran by humans.

How Does It Work? What Are Some Applications?

It works almost exactly the same as an electromagnet generator like most of the wind power generators; it has a two waves of energy (+X1 and -X2). These two waves are constantly fighting to be at an equal and they will go to infinity of time to do so. There are deeper and more mathematical proofs of this around on the internet but the basics are described.
The most simple and practical use I can think of for this idea is in private home energy generation. This is an extremely simple idea that can put to use without having to waste the resources on impractical solutions to the energy crisis. Other applications may be explored as the technology becomes more and more used. Who knows maybe jets can use this technology to fly.

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  1. Bedini does create some interesting motors. They run on capacitors and can charge batteries, but no one has yet built a self-running version, which means that they are not over unity or even unity. Essentially, a Bedini motor uses a capacitor to charge a battery, with a motor in between to regulate the capacitor discharge. The beginning capacitor charge must be greater than the energy required to charge a given battery because some of the cap charge is transformed into mechanical energy to turn the motor. In the video you embedded, the guy speaks only of voltage. Voltage doesn't mean anything regarding power generation~ only wattage does, which is volts x amperes. A piezoelectric cigarette lighter puts out a few tens of thousands of volts every time its used, but the current (amperes) is minuscule. It means nothing important that his motor works as a generator in the range of hundreds of volts. That's only about the windings. Lets see how many amps it puts out.