Sunday, February 17, 2013


Now you can download book about how make energy free by weather or magnet and all.
In this book is a 142 page, and all about free energy :)

Magnetic Vortex How To Create Free Energy

Simple Diagram Of How Magnetic Vortexes Are Produced

Take a look at this diagram. It shows just how the magnetic property is used and how this technology is possible.

What Is It?

This idea is not very popular due to the nature of people's need for MORE money. You see, the problem here is that it will only take a few dollars to actually make a generator (compared to the average electric bill ). There is no market for something that will NEVER run out. So the people who would normally profit off the electricity bill we get every month would be in some trouble.
The second problem is the main one I am concerned with. The number of people who would lose their obs because of this revolutionary technology. However, many people across the nation have already lost their jobs to computer and technology take over of their jobs. The more the companies rely on computers and industrial robotics, the less demand there is going to be for workers. If you give this trend some time you will have an energy market 98% ran by computers and 2 % ran by humans.

How Does It Work? What Are Some Applications?

It works almost exactly the same as an electromagnet generator like most of the wind power generators; it has a two waves of energy (+X1 and -X2). These two waves are constantly fighting to be at an equal and they will go to infinity of time to do so. There are deeper and more mathematical proofs of this around on the internet but the basics are described.
The most simple and practical use I can think of for this idea is in private home energy generation. This is an extremely simple idea that can put to use without having to waste the resources on impractical solutions to the energy crisis. Other applications may be explored as the technology becomes more and more used. Who knows maybe jets can use this technology to fly.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change

Climate Change
The Earth’s average temperature has been increasing since the mid-20th century. Scientists believe the global warming is caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuel and deforestation. Opponents propose the Earth’s global climate naturally fluctuates.
The elevated temperature will cause sea levels to rise due to melting glaciers, change the pattern of precipitation as well as the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, species extinctions, and will affect agriculture.
Solutions include reducing emissions to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
While there is a scientific consensus is that global climate change is occurring, the political and public debate continues.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles
Electric vehicles are designed to run on electric power, without gasoline – meaning they are emissions-free, cost less to maintain and reduce the need for oil extraction. Without all the moving parts and fluids required by a gasoline-powered engine, EVs often prove more reliable.
The vehicles, however, do have a few drawbacks. Many have a range of about 50 miles, and recharging from a wall outlet can take more than eight hours. Superfast charging stations can rev up batteries in less than 30 minutes, but few cities have sufficient infrastructure right now to support large fleets of these cars. More are installing charging stations, so they will be more hospitable to EVs in the future.
Other critics cite that, while EVs themselves create few emissions, the power-generating facilities from which they draw electricity do, meaning EVs merely move the pollution around. But proponents say that could be a positive thing, diminishing the concentration of pollutants in urban areas. Additionally, EVs are likely to be charged at night when power plants have excess capacity anyway, resulting in more-efficient use of energy.

How to Make Energy for Free with Magnets

Enlighten Media Inc. has released a revealing new audio course that shows how to use magnetic motors to make unlimited energy—for free. The thought-provoking audio book by theChicago-based company compares magnetic motors and engines that run on water to current forms of polluting and renewable sources of energy such as coal, oil, nuclear power, wind, and solar.
According to Jody Bruce, CEO of Enlighten Media and author of the audio course, energy can be made for free with engines that generate more energy than what is needed to run them. "These types of engines are called over-unity and have been around for the last 100 years,"Bruce said. "They run on magnets or water and can output more than 500 percent. There was even a Nobel Prize awarded in 1957 for this technology."
The audio book, entitled "The Truth about Renewable Energy," is designed to blow the lid off what Bruce describes as a "huge energy scam." "People should realize that our current energy problem is really a large scam to make money," he said. "Energy companies are making $440 billion a year off us for something we could get for free."
Bruce's informative audio course provides 80 power-packed minutes of insight to open people's eyes about the country's energy crisis. It also comes with 60 free energy patents to encourage people to build their own free energy machine to power their home or car. The book is available online for $24.95 at
Below is a simple experiment people can conduct to prove that free energy is real.  
"The Truth about Renewable Energy" is a product of sheer frustration. About five years ago, Bruce launched Enlighten Media after he became fed up with high gas and energy prices and wanted to do something about it. He spent four years researching, writing and recording the audio course. Enlighten Media is dedicated to bringing important knowledge to the people. "This is a story of David versus Goliath, as one man stands up against the giant energy companies for the benefit of all," Bruce said.

Monday, November 12, 2012

How To Build a Faraday Homopolar Device

With this experiment you can test by yourself, that the centrifugal extraction from the inertial field of space is possible, that was first demonstrated by Faraday in 1831.

In 1978 in Santa Barbara, California, a large electromagnetically excited N machine/SPG was constructed, the “Sunburst” machine. This machine was independently tested by Dr. Robert Kincheloe, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University
The abstract of this report quotes:
“Known for over 150 years, the Faraday homopolar generator has been claimed to provide a basis for so-called “free energy” generation, in that under certain conditions the extraction of electrical output energy is not reflected as a corresponding mechanical load to the driving source.”
“In the fall of 1831 when Michael Faraday performed the initial experiments which resulted in the discovery of the first dynamo, he also described a phenomenon which has yet to be understood in terms of conventional electrical theory.
In paragraphs 255, 256, and 257 of his diary (fig. 2, ref. 1), dated December 26, 1831, is described the experiment of cementing a copper disc on top of a cylinder magnet, paper intervening, and supporting the magnet by means of a string so as to rotate axially, with the wires of a galvanometer connected to the edge and axis of the copper plate.”
Doc ref : “On the possibility of extraction of electrical energy directly from space” by: Bruce DePalma
hmpbasic How To Build a Faraday Homopolar Device
homopv1 How To Build a Faraday Homopolar Device
This is not a power supply for your home, but this experiment is only to prove that the Faraday homopolar generator principle is working, and you can test it by yourself.
What you need :
- A magnetic socket for CB antenna, ( you must check if the magnetisation is on axis, one pole on each side )
( I have used a CB antenna ref : IMPEX 306 300 )
- an electric drill,
- one 8×80 mm bolt and nuts.
- an electronic multimeter
Experiment :
a) Extract the magnet from the socket antenna, don’t dismount the soft iron shell,
b) Screw the 8mm bolt with nuts on the magnet axis,
c) Put the axis of the apparatus on the electric drill. The drill must be fixed on an adapted support..
I have mesured, between the shaft and the rim ( rotation speed = 2600 RPM ):
- a current of 1.5 mA
- a voltage without load E=0.5V
Possible improvements
- You can stack more magnet’s sockets in parallel,
- you can replace the soft iron with a copper shell,
- you can use good carbon brushes, or mercury contacts,
Some comments :
William J. Beaty has said :
” It appears that the rotation of Faraday’s disk generates current but rotation of his bar magnet does not. In reality the only important motion is *relative* movement between Faraday’s disk and his external circuit, and the rotation of the magnet is unimportant. Of course the magnetic field is necessary to accomplish the effect, but it’s relative rotation only creates net radial charge separation without creating current. Once the external circuit is recognized to be the “stator” of the device, the homopolar generator is not as weird as it first seems.”

Tom Bearden’s MEG Free Energy Generator (Motionless Energy Generator)

megdg3d2 Tom Beardens MEG Free Energy Generator (Motionless Energy Generator)

Tom Bearden has invented and patented a free energy device called “MEG” (which stands for “Motionless Energy Generator”). This device transforms the magnetic force of a permanent magnet into electricity and achieves overunity. However, it does NOT run by itself, it is run by energy extracted from the vacuum (energy that most people won’t accept or understand until they see it running). I have to admit I have only seen theoretical evidence of it, this far, but from what I have seen and experienced in my life it HAS to be true. All believers must have a little patience until it will be accepted, sooner or later.
For whoever understands a little more math, here is a site with the explained functioning of the device:
For whoever does not know that much mathematics and still wants to know a little about Tom’s invention, here it is:
An electromagnetic generator without moving parts includes a permanent magnet and a magnetic core including first and second magnetic paths. A first input coil and a first output coil extend around portions of the first magnetic path, while a second input coil and a second output coil extend around portions of the second magnetic path. The input coils are alternatively pulsed to provide induced current pulses in the output coils. Driving electrical current through each of the input coils reduces a level of flux from the permanent magnet within the magnet path around which the input coil extends. In an alternative embodiment of an electromagnetic generator, the magnetic core includes annular spaced-apart plates, with posts and permanent magnets extending in an alternating fashion between the plates. An output coil extends around each of these posts. Input coils extending around portions of the plates are pulsed to cause the induction of current within the output coils.
The principle schematic of the device is this (click to enlarge):
megdiag.thumbnail Tom Beardens MEG Free Energy Generator (Motionless Energy Generator)
“..This one works beautifully and produces COP=5.0…” says Tom Bearden
Also, here it’s the 3D model of it:
megdg3d.thumbnail Tom Beardens MEG Free Energy Generator (Motionless Energy Generator)
Of course, if you are interested in testing it, here’s one folk who did it: